E-Sports in the Philippines

E-sports here in the Philippines, as we usually know as “computer or video games” are gradually rising from its traditional image. The popularity of various games in the country have widely influence the people; both enthusiasts and gamers, which creates an eccentric community for which known today as E-Sports. Various games have been on the top lists, Dota 2, Dota, League of Legends, Starcraft and others. What we think of them in the past as a mere games, or even past time have been making a scene in todays events. E-sports today is widely acknowledge by many countries and even allocating a reasonable amount of money investing for gamers who competes with other countries for the sake of supremacy and popularity among other countries.

There are certain events that attracts many players to be competitive. Events that offers prizes in a form of monetary awards, and of course recognition as the best. But as of now, E-sports in the Philippines sure did developed in its own ways, but for me it is still not enough for us to compete and dominate E-sports, specifically speaking about international competitions. It is supported by many but to actually allocate financial support and even the moral support of our own countrymen are needed by our E-sport community.

What the E-sport achieved here in the Philippines surely is surprising, players around the country aims to be the best in their own chosen game in order to have maybe, popularity or money. It’s not surprising that many of the gamers in our country have those aspirations of being one of the top players whom will be recognized across the world, for E-sports have already reached its peak where most of the people are aware what is happening in the world of E-sports.



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