We always have that kind

Escaping the Mundane

In the night where the cloud envelopes the so called

“sky”, moonlit vanishes and the orchestra that plays

the fantasia of our memoir heaved. Promises that induce

remorse haunts this strange dimmed room as the hoard

of voices streams, this tiara left from you, the feign of

solitude exists for when this blue sky rises from the

fragments of my seized pain.


We always and we will have that kind..


How I Met Your Mother (Series)

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How I met your mother is an american series which I really like. It has a variety of genres that caught my interest and attention. Comedy, drama, and a great story packed in one of a hell of a show, this series have achieved popularity ever since it began on 2005. The show runs for 9 years and it inevitably grown into a kind of show that everyone is viral about, because it is undeniably great!

The show was about the story of the main man Ted Mosby of how he met the mother of their children. The story itself is unique and the way it is presented. Each episode consists of different genres that would hook you into watching the whole series, and without knowing you just like the show very much. Unlike other tv series, HIMYM have this kind of stories every episode that doesn’t rush the story of how the main character met his future wife, instead the story flows differently and tackles every part and personality of each characters of the show. The show have showed different part of reality that we often experience in our life, and that I guess is the reason why it have been a successful show and it never fails to catch the heart and emotions of its viewers. 

I highly suggest people to watch How I met your mother, specially for those who wants to have enjoyment and at the same time relate to the reality that life gives us.

Relationship is not about Romance, but also Friendship

This is post of mine is nothing but my own perspective towards how people generally and naturally see relationships.

Most people often thought of the word Love when it comes to relationships, but as we know romance is not the only type of relationship we experience in our life given that there are other kinds of relationships that is on par of the feelings and pleasure we get from having a romantic one, there is friendship, brotherhood, our own family and relatives. In my own understanding of people, we tend to see things that does not go along on our favor as something as eccentric, thus, we tend to over-react on that particular thing.

Romance, always romance

Almost everyday I see people worrying about their romantic relationships which is only natural for us humans since our very nature is “wanting to be loved” and never want to be left alone. But we always thought of relationships as romance and only romance. We forget the fact that relationship comes with various kinds like friendship, and I rather have friendship than a romantic kind of relationship for it is only a matter of time till certainty arises and provides us nothing but agony. 

Maybe the reason we think that relationships are about romances are because of the external factors that influences our perspectives like different story we see in the televisions and stories we read in books.

Relationships are also Friendship

We see friendship as something natural. It is natural for us humans to find company through other people and we never want to be alone by ourselves. Friendship, in my own perspective is much better than having any romantic relationships since having friends alone gives us happiness and enjoyment. Not that I say that a romantic one would never give you happiness, but the difference between the two is that friends are assurances that an unfortunate scenario may happen to you, a friends arm would always be there. 

I may see things rather bizzare in the aspect of relationships, others may subject to my opinions but it doesn’t matter i have just shared what is in my mind since I have seen a lot of people suffering because of the ‘heartaches’ they experience, they say. whenever i see those kind of people i feel really annoyed, it is because of the fact that they are just being so overreacting to the experience they’ve been through and believes that nothing will satisfy their broken heart, nothing. I am not saying that being in a relationship with romantic scene would not give you a happy ending or whatever, but sometimes it’s just a momentary happiness that it gives and not the happiness we truly desire.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a strategic game for which opposite teams battle to destroy the ancient of the other. Each teams consists of 5 members each. Dota is widely known and played in lots of different countries across the world, and it has a great reputation in it. Many gamers and enthusiasts play this game for fun with their friends or just to past some time.


Dota 2 is actually a sequel, if I may say, of the popular game Defense of the Ancient that is run through the game Warcraft III: Frozen throne. The original Dota is actually just a map created by ‘Ice Frog’ which can only be played through the said game. The game was created by Valve, the one who developed the Steam program for gaming purposes which includes games that people can play, it includes the popular game Left for Dead.

Today, Dota 2 is considered one of the most popular games on its league, given that there are other games like League of Legends, Starcraft, Dragon Nest, and others. But what makes Dota 2 the top game of its league is that it attract a lot of players who wants to play a strategic game wherein at the same time they can play with their friends.

The game have achieved many recognition on its own. The launching of the game was so big that it organizes an event called as The International by which recognized teams around the world are gathered to compete with one another and win. But the catch to this gigantic event is the prize pool it offer: One Million USD.



It is surprising that a certain game that we all traditionally knew would be this big and make an international scene recognized around the world especially by gamers and the community of e-sports. Through the years, Dota 2 have developed more into a competitive strategy game which a lot of players internationally have been obsessively playing for the sake of money, yes it has become a game where everyone plays just to achieved fame and monetary reward. For me that is the greatest downfall of the game Dota, inspite of the achievements it received through the years.

Nevertheless, Dota 2 would always be a game, maybe a competition for every aspiring team to be globally recognized for their skills and talents or a game of passion for gamers who loves Dota itself, and a game is ought to be enjoyed and winning is not the only thing that matter but the pleasure the game invoke unto the person who plays it.

E-Sports in the Philippines

E-sports here in the Philippines, as we usually know as “computer or video games” are gradually rising from its traditional image. The popularity of various games in the country have widely influence the people; both enthusiasts and gamers, which creates an eccentric community for which known today as E-Sports. Various games have been on the top lists, Dota 2, Dota, League of Legends, Starcraft and others. What we think of them in the past as a mere games, or even past time have been making a scene in todays events. E-sports today is widely acknowledge by many countries and even allocating a reasonable amount of money investing for gamers who competes with other countries for the sake of supremacy and popularity among other countries.

There are certain events that attracts many players to be competitive. Events that offers prizes in a form of monetary awards, and of course recognition as the best. But as of now, E-sports in the Philippines sure did developed in its own ways, but for me it is still not enough for us to compete and dominate E-sports, specifically speaking about international competitions. It is supported by many but to actually allocate financial support and even the moral support of our own countrymen are needed by our E-sport community.

What the E-sport achieved here in the Philippines surely is surprising, players around the country aims to be the best in their own chosen game in order to have maybe, popularity or money. It’s not surprising that many of the gamers in our country have those aspirations of being one of the top players whom will be recognized across the world, for E-sports have already reached its peak where most of the people are aware what is happening in the world of E-sports.