We always have that kind

Escaping the Mundane

In the night where the cloud envelopes the so called

“sky”, moonlit vanishes and the orchestra that plays

the fantasia of our memoir heaved. Promises that induce

remorse haunts this strange dimmed room as the hoard

of voices streams, this tiara left from you, the feign of

solitude exists for when this blue sky rises from the

fragments of my seized pain.


We always and we will have that kind..


Relationship is not about Romance, but also Friendship

This is post of mine is nothing but my own perspective towards how people generally and naturally see relationships.

Most people often thought of the word Love when it comes to relationships, but as we know romance is not the only type of relationship we experience in our life given that there are other kinds of relationships that is on par of the feelings and pleasure we get from having a romantic one, there is friendship, brotherhood, our own family and relatives. In my own understanding of people, we tend to see things that does not go along on our favor as something as eccentric, thus, we tend to over-react on that particular thing.

Romance, always romance

Almost everyday I see people worrying about their romantic relationships which is only natural for us humans since our very nature is “wanting to be loved” and never want to be left alone. But we always thought of relationships as romance and only romance. We forget the fact that relationship comes with various kinds like friendship, and I rather have friendship than a romantic kind of relationship for it is only a matter of time till certainty arises and provides us nothing but agony.¬†

Maybe the reason we think that relationships are about romances are because of the external factors that influences our perspectives like different story we see in the televisions and stories we read in books.

Relationships are also Friendship

We see friendship as something natural. It is natural for us humans to find company through other people and we never want to be alone by ourselves. Friendship, in my own perspective is much better than having any romantic relationships since having friends alone gives us happiness and enjoyment. Not that I say that a romantic one would never give you happiness, but the difference between the two is that friends are assurances that an unfortunate scenario may happen to you, a friends arm would always be there. 

I may see things rather bizzare in the aspect of relationships, others may subject to my opinions but it doesn’t matter i have just shared what is in my mind since I have seen a lot of people suffering because of the ‘heartaches’ they experience, they say. whenever i see those kind of people i feel really annoyed, it is because of the fact that they are just being so overreacting to the experience they’ve been through and believes that nothing will satisfy their broken heart, nothing. I am not saying that being in a relationship with romantic scene would not give you a happy ending or whatever, but sometimes it’s just a momentary happiness that it gives and not the happiness we truly desire.