How I Met Your Mother (Series)

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How I met your mother is an american series which I really like. It has a variety of genres that caught my interest and attention. Comedy, drama, and a great story packed in one of a hell of a show, this series have achieved popularity ever since it began on 2005. The show runs for 9 years and it inevitably grown into a kind of show that everyone is viral about, because it is undeniably great!

The show was about the story of the main man Ted Mosby of how he met the mother of their children. The story itself is unique and the way it is presented. Each episode consists of different genres that would hook you into watching the whole series, and without knowing you just like the show very much. Unlike other tv series, HIMYM have this kind of stories every episode that doesn’t rush the story of how the main character met his future wife, instead the story flows differently and tackles every part and personality of each characters of the show. The show have showed different part of reality that we often experience in our life, and that I guess is the reason why it have been a successful show and it never fails to catch the heart and emotions of its viewers. 

I highly suggest people to watch How I met your mother, specially for those who wants to have enjoyment and at the same time relate to the reality that life gives us.